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Terms and Definitions

Participant - a person who agreed to the terms of this agreement, to join him in support of what has passed registration in the social. Network www.photolike.biz

Contest - an activity aimed at meeting human needs for entertainment, pleasure, stress relief, as well as on the development of specific skills and abilities in the form of free expression of human, non-achievement of the objectives of the utilitarian and bring joy to themselves.

Photo contest platform - hardware-software complex physical devices and software located in the Internet, intended for the organization of leisure and recreation.

Contest - Online social network, created to bring together millions of people around the world to provide ongoing financial support to each other - a separate and unique name for the playing area, and owned by the organizer at the address on the Internet www.fotolik.biz network on which. Organizer provides services for the organization of his party entertainment, leisure and recreation on the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.